27,000 Thank Yous

What a hero. 27,000 euros raised and donated

Last year Live PAWS animal welfare supporters was extremely lucky to have one of the most popular artists on the island approach us and ask if he could be a fundraising volunteer. His name is Leslie Elvis Moore and he set himself the steep target of raising 10,000 euros.

Little did anyone know, how determined and dedicated he was, he quickly surpassed his target and by the end of 2019 had raised the unbelievable total of 27.000 euros.

Leslie asked his many venues he appeared at if he could collect donations and spare change at the end of his shows, most of the time, singing an extra set for free to boost donations. His lovely girlfriend Joy Barrett, and friends Angela Ward, Trish Owen and Kathy Mitchell assisted and helped him all year. The White Knights, Phil Francis Kitto and Phil O Neil often invited Leslie to join them during their shows to raise awareness and donations, so special thanks to them. Of course, our sincere thanks go to all the residents and visitors to this amazing island who have dug deep, continually encouraged Les and have donated their hard earned money to his cause.

The venues, bars and restaurants throughout the island have given Leslie amazing support in his mammoth task, not least Princess Di’s in the Patch where owners Joe and Dean Bull who are already avid animals welfare supporters, actively encouraged Leslie in his charity work all throughout last year, and continue to do so this year.

The animals of Tenerife, domestic pets, agricultural animals and wildlife have all been saved because of Leslie’s act of amazing generosity, many would not have survived.

Over 12,000 euros has been allocated and spent on animals that were not directly under Live Paws Care, the pets of people who have found themselves homeless or struggling financially, other animal welfare charities and the feral cat populations have all benefitted. New kennels have been built at Live PAWS shelter to enable them to offer refuge to more animals and there are exciting plans for the future.

Live PAWS are so grateful to this incredible man, who continues to raise money for us, his selflessness and dedication to Live PAWS and the animals we save and care for is an inspiration to everyone. Thank you Leslie Elvis Moore