5 Long Years

There is a lid for every pot….eventually.

Mickey is a stunning looking animal, he loves all people…but hes big and he is powerful, and he is a breed that suffers massive prejudice. His kennel was the first one inside the shelter, he would meet and greet all visitors with that big tail going like a helicopter. Over the years he has had to watch his kennel mates come in after him and leave for their new homes and he was always left behind, nobody wanted him.

That all changed when a family started coming to the Dog Walking club and take him out regularly, his personality shone through and they took him home for a trial, where he behaved like a proper gentleman. They couldn’t believe such a great dog could have been passed over for so long.

He was brought back to the shelter last week to sign over his paperwork, the poor boy was distressed as he thought he was being brought back, but no, this was Mickeys GOTCHA DAY. We at Live Paws are over the moon that he has finally got the home he has always deserved, he will never again have to sadly watch others walk out the gate to their new lives. .

Moral of the story, please don’t overlook and swiftly walk past the, larger, older, less pretty dogs in a shelter, there could be a diamond in there, just waiting to shine through