Recently we put out an urgent request to Podencos for life , to help little Alicia. When first admitted to Live Paws , Alicia was underweight and scared. She improved for a short while, but with over 75 dogs in kennels, it became just too much for her . She tried jumping the walls and opened up her sterilisation scar, she was becoming very fearful. We knew we had to do something as soon as possible, all our foster carers were full , so yet again Podencos for Life came to our rescue. They quickly found her a home, with one of their volunteers, Guisy, who is very knowledgeable with nervous Podencos, exactly what Alicia needed. In a matter of a few weeks, Alicia , along with Elvis , a Podenco pup , was transported to Italy. She now has a loving home, with the peace and quiet she craves. Guisy is taking things slowly with her . The transformation with Alicia has been amazing, in just a short time . Here are some photos and videos that show the second chance of a wonderful life, with her new family and Loto the podenco. We will keep you updated of her progress.