All the way from Manchester!

Live PAWS are always so grateful for any donations. We were particularly touched, recently, when four holidaymakers arrived at the refuge, bearing food and essentials for our dogs and cats.

Denis, Vicky, Kate and David (pictured) had even managed to secure a reduction in the cost of flying over a huge holdall, with Jet2, because its contents were to be given to a charity.

As well as several bags of dog biscuits, we were the grateful recipients of collars, leads, shampoo and treats, and a variety of other items, all donated by Denis and the gang, and people in the UK.

Nikki and Peter, who were staying in the same hotel as these generous holidaymakers, donated €40.

Thank you all so much for the effort involved in flying everything over to Tenerife, and for making the trip to the refuge. We really appreciate it!