Ambers Forever Home


We took Princess now Amber from Live PAWS June of last year.

We were looking to adopt a small dog that was low maintenance but instead we fell in love hyper active podenco with trust issues!

We brought her home for a trial period but after a week we knew we wanted to make this work.

It was difficult at the beginning since it was her first time in a home. Everything was scary for her: the sound of opening plastic, ripping paper, the waves, strong winds. She didn’t like going out of the house and was even nervous to go out on the balcony. She walked with her tail between her legs and her ears folded, pulled on her lead and cowered at anything that moved!

She had really bad separation anxiety and she chewed on so many things if left alone. I thought it would never end and we questioned our decision about taking her.

However with a lot of patience, love, dog treats and with the help of a dog trainer she has managed her fears and separation anxiety. We had to surpass the first month and it was like a switch turned on for her. Amber’s personality started to really show now that she was completely comfortable with us!

She is extremely playful and is very sociable with all dogs, humans and especially loves children.

She is gentle and barely barks and now just sleeps the whole day at home.

She is really smart and easily trainable but still cheeky and mischievous, but that is what makes her so funny!

We are so glad we powered through the first few weeks of hardship because it’s definitely paid off!

To anyone who is thinking about adopting a rescue dog: DO IT once you get through the first weeks it is WORTH IT!

A huge thank you to Live PAWS for allowing us to meet such an amazing dog and to the team for allowing us to pester them with every single issue we had with Amber at the beginning!

She has her forever home ❀


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