Another successful operation, Orion’s story

Orion came to the refuge when his previous owners were no longer able to keep him . German Shepherds are usually one man dogs , so settling into refuge was not easy for Orion , he was stressed and wouldn’t eat. Orion also seemed in pain from his hip . Concerned for his health we asked our vet Elena, to come to the refuge to examine him. She suggested painkillers and anti inflammatory medication, after a few days he was x-rayed. Orion’s left hip was the problem. The ball was no longer in the socket . A referal was made to a traumatologist, Guillermo, who operated on Orion’s hip, removing the femoral head. Surprisingly Orions recovery was rapid and using the leg was no problem at all. Obviously no longer in pain , Orion is being nursed back to health by Celine , who Orion absolutely adores. Thanks to all who have helped him , get well soon .


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