Anthony and Tony

Thank you both!

Dog-lover Anthony, 13, on holiday here from Northern Ireland, has made a fantastic donation to Live PAWS. He has been saving up his pocket money, and brought €100 to the refuge, before walking the dogs.

Anthony’s proud Dad, Tony, matched his generous son’s gift to the charity, bringing the total donation to €200.

Not only that, Tony has sponsored one of our dogs, Gofy, who has a special place in his heart, because he is so much like the family dog he adored as a small child. He has made a payment of €120, to help cover the costs of keeping Gofy happy and healthy, for the next 12 months!

Anthony had a great time at the refuge, and is planning to sponsor Rosie, who has just had a litter of beautiful puppies.

Thank you both so much for your kindness. Every euro given means such a lot to the dogs! We really are so grateful.