History: Taken to the vets to be put to sleep, why ?  because he wasn’t wanted anymore ! Thankfully our vets refused, […]


About: Atigrado is more sure of himself, than his brother oscuro. He is very obedient ,and walks off the lead , it […]


History: Found as a puppy , with his brother, in the Guaza mountains. About: Augustin enjoys life at the refuge, but he […]


History:  Barrio came  to us after an appeal from the general public to take him off the streets. Barrio was so scared […]

Charlie Brown

History: This gorgeous boy came to the refuge, after he was found tied to a lamp-post. About: He is an extremely handsome […]


History: Chase came to Live Paws after being rescued from a terrace. About:  Chase loves his new found freedom,  a little uncertain […]


History : Chiara lived in a house where she never went out, was abused , often not being fed. About: Although Chiara […]


History: Dakota came to the refuge with Ohio, having been found together as puppies. About: Dakota suffers with cage anxiety so will […]


History: Gloria was brought to Live Paws with her nine gorgeous puppies, and her companion, Dolly. About: Gloria has a lovely nature, […]


History: Odette, one of Perri’s pups, was returned to the refuge as the owners didn’t have time for her. About: She was […]