Beethoven’s happy now!

Before Beethoven was brought to the refuge, all he had to eat was bits of stale bread, and that was only when his owner remembered to feed him! The lovely lady who rescued him, told us of his pitiful situation.

He had been chained up, day and night, and had an awful existence. But his life was turned round, when he started to receive the love and attention that we gave him at the refuge.

Although Beethoven is an old boy, it was decided that he should undergo the more aggressive treatment available for heartworm, which involves injections.

He was in pain after each injection, and lethargic. He didn’t want to eat, but, after a few hours, he picked up.

Each time, he had to mobilise slowly after a period of rest. His age, the fact he was malnourished, and the severity of the heartworm, were making him breathless.

But now he is living a happy life with Frankie and Arturo, and thoroughly enjoying his walks .

All that needs to be sorted out now are the lumps on his back. The wounds on his neck and ears have healed.

It’s so nice to know that he is thriving and contented!


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