Bob, his ongoing story

A few weeks ago we published Bobs story, where he was receiving acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Its amazing how animals know we are trying to help them. Bob arrived at the vets and was immediately excited to see Flor, the vet. He then proceeded to lie quietly on his mat whilst Flor treated him . He was so relaxed and enjoying the treatment. We have been asked about our last video, was Bob sedated? Absolutely not, he just loves the whole experience. The second video shows who Bob is , strong and ready to go , nearly pulling mark off his feet. The two videos are a sharp contrast. Even more so is the difference between our very first meeting, when he arrived at the refuge, a poor dog who had little control over his limbs, it was heartbreaking to see, but just look at him now !
Bobs story will continue, and one day we hope to inform you he has his very own home. Until then we will continue to have the privilege of watching his transformation.