Meet the incredible


Age: 10/11/2019

Size: Small

Gender: Male


Cacao originally came to refuge with 5 other dogs.

He hides his true nature and doesn’t put his best paw forward in the kennels .  He will jump up and bark at the gate , but that is getting less frequent now.

Cacao arrived, extremely nervous and scared, having no idea what to do around humans. The other 5 other dogs, all had the same reaction, some have already been adopted and are doing well in their new homes.

Cacao has gained a lot more confidence, and he realises that humans are not going to do him any harm. Outside of the kennel , he transforms into the big softy he really is . Cacao would come into his own in a home environment, he just needs someone to believe in him.

If you think you could give him a chance come and get to know him.

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