David works his magic!

When Samara the Pitbull terrier arrived at the refuge, it was as much as she could do to stay inside her kennel, barking and fearful.

Gradually, as each day has passed, she has become more confident, in the knowledge that she is now safe and loved. The tail that was once very firmly positioned between her legs has begun to wag, and we can see the softness in her eyes.

David, one of our dedicated volunteers, has been taking Samara on short walks, and spending time with her. All this has really helped her to realise that life can be good, and that she has nothing to fear from other people, and he is trying to get her used to being sociable with other dogs.

David has a quiet and gentle way of helping the dogs, which is a real gift. His perseverance really pays dividends, and we are very grateful for the time he spends at the refuge, encouraging all the animals who need that bit of extra attention.