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Every refuge has dogs with issues.  Normally experienced kennel staff can work through these problems.  However it’s not always that simple, and experience tells us when you need to call the experts to help an animal.  That’s where dog trainers step in.  Currently live paws have 5 dogs, all of which were found wild with many others in a barranco.  Live paws agreed to take these guys in the hope that they would eventually be in with a chance of a home.  Each dog has responded differently to the kennel environment.  Originally they were kept as a pack, gradually introducing some of them to quieter more sociable dogs.  We soon realised we needed a dog trainer as we had reached the limits of our knowledge.  Adam is currently working with Cacao.  He is the hardest of the group due to his raised levels of anxiety about humans.  Seen here in the video, Adam (from Adam4Paws) is introducing Cacao to Ivan, a trainee dog trainer.  With the help of some food rewards and a light-hearted simple game, Cacao is learning to trust a new person and  people in general.  Cacao accepted Ivan into his kennel space, and responded for the first time to his name.  The session lasted about twenty minutes as not to overwhelm Cacao, ending on a positive note.  This would never have been possible a few months ago. So great improvements are being made .

We will continue the story of Cacao , and introduce Hiena, Wodan, Canela and Morenas journey.

If you need help or advice from an experienced dog trainer

Please contact Adam on Facebook or 684324091.

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