Dogs of the week . Oscuro and Atigrado

There is little to choose between these guys, always together, and very similar in character.

Atigrado is more sure of himself. They are both very obedient ,and walk off the lead , so it wouldn’t take long with a new owner to gain their trust.
Very cuddly, and faithful, they are like your guardian dogs. They stay with celine on their walks to the beach , always by her side. There is no problem with other dogs outside, or with people.
The dogs you see in the kennel situation is not who they are, they are completely different outside of the kennel.

When the come across people outside, bicycles,cars, they are absolutely fine, no fear. You call them, they come. Obviously for a new person it would take a bit of time to do that, they trust celine, but it would be really fast. They give everything they have to offer.

Please see their profile ,or for more information please contact Mark (Dutch, English, Spanish and German) on (+34) 652 29 78 53.
Mauricio (Spanish) on (+34) 642 09 53 11.
Alternatively we can be contacted via email.