Farewell to our beautiful Taro

Our hearts were broken this morning, when we found Taro had passed away, only three days after we lost another of our dogs, Balto.

An abused therapy dog, who was rescued from a bloodied and small enclosure, Taro came to Live PAWS in April this year, in a terrible state.

He tested positive for filaria, but, because of his ill health, could not receive the aggressive treatment that would have given him the best chance. It could have killed him.

He was bathed, and his cuts and fly-bitten ears were treated. He was given constant cuddles, and was taken for short walks on dog-walking days.

The lady who originally rescued Taro often spent hours with him. We think he just couldn’t cope with this unbearable heat, with all his underlying conditions.

He was a gentle giant who shouldn’t have been so badly treated, after years of giving. We are heartbroken.

Go and give Balto a kiss from us. I’m sure he has a treat or two waiting for you.