Fostering at Live Paws. Enzos Story

Have you ever considered fostering ? We always need foster carers. This can be short or long term . Sometimes its just our older dogs , who are with us through no fault of their own, whose last days we would like to see in the comfort of a home. Maybe short term would suit you ,for instance ,when all a dog needs is a little peace and quiet for a short while.

Live Paws cover all the costs.

Enzo, recently recovered from an operation to remove a cancer from his jaw, he is an old boy whose dedicated carer has seen him through his worst times. Here is what she had to say.

When we first took Enzo he tried to escape , so he spent the first two months in the bedroom hiding down the side of the bed. We let him come to us when he was ready, and slowly he came to sit with us in the living room. We never pushed him we just let him decide when he was ready. Since then he has improved every day and his confidence has grown. He is no longer as nervous anymore, his personality finally came out, he is a happy, funny, playful, sweet boy. Enzo is also a fighter, no matter what the world has thrown at him, he has faced it head on and never lets anything get him down. Enzo is so special and an inspiration for anyone thinking of fostering an elderly refuge dog. All our other dogs and cats love Enzo, he is so patient and gentle, he’s like a grandpa to them, they go to him when they they need a hug. Enzo has changed our lives, just as much as we have changed his.

If you would like more information, please contact Mark (Dutch, English and German) on (+34) 652 29 78 53, or Mauricio (Spanish) on (+34) 642 09 53 11


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