From rags to riches. Jasmines story

Jasmine came to Live Paws in a pitiful state . We see many cruelty cases, but Jasmine reduced us all to tears by her obvious suffering. Her journey has been from a poor broken podenco, to a beautiful , gorgeous princess, a name she was fondly called at the refuge.Jasmine is now residing with a wonderful family in Italy. We couldn’t have wished for a better outcome. Here in part one of her story , he new family tell us of her journey from the refuge.

Simone is writing:
We have always loved dogs, both my husband and I have had dogs in the family since we were babies.In Abruzzo, in the snow, we spotted many foxes and joked about how nice it would be to have a fox, we especially like the cunning little face, the straight ears and the reddish fur color. On the internet I had searched: fox-like dog and the Shiba breed came up ,but we would never buy a dog and we didn’t even like it much. We also always liked greyhounds so elegant, short-haired, magical and elusive.On Facebook, I think at the end of April 2022, I happened upon some pictures of podencos. My father-in-law and an acquaintance of his would sometimes put likes on pictures of podencos on pocencosforlive. I thought, how cool, what a build, reddish, short fur, straight and long ears, lively, sweet, and most of all in need of being adopted, and so I started to take a look at the various photos and videos. I was literally bewitched by a photo of Jasmine with a crooked head, curious. Then a video of Sara singing shrilly and curious Jasmine looking with her amber eyes and twisting her head, which then I have seen many dogs do like that reacting to noises, but Jasmine had gotten into my head. On March 10 I took a screenshot of her picture and short description and sent it to my husband sincerely expecting: but forget it, it’s a picture taken from Fb, you don’t know them .. we are waiting for the ‘reincarnation’ of Salvo, better an Abruzzese dog like he was .. and instead he replied: Beautiful!I started explaining to him that they are challenging dogs that stay in Tenerife, fly to Milan . Expecting a stop from Simone, which there was not, i showed the picture to my daughter Costanza, who fell in love immediately. I made her promise me that she would commit to the study until the end of school and that we would contact podencos for life for information about Jasmine. I told Simone that I would only ask for information, which was not immediately binding. I sent an initial email, which was not answered right away, I tried to call but no answer, I did not let it go, I had the intuition that I had to insist that Jasmine was the right dog for us. I sent a WhatsApp message and finally met Loredana. Her quiet voice, her laugh, her stories and experiences with podencos removed all doubt from my mind, they could only be a serious association and adoption process. Then in Tenerife we had taken our honeymoon, participating in the Carrera de l Atlantico running race in the Teide area, beautiful memory! The Tenerife – Milan flight was scheduled for May 21, Simone’s birthday, all of which encouraged and pushed us toward Jasmine. We filled out the adoption application form as if it were a class assignment. Then came Luca with his podenco Cappuccino to get to know us and assess whether the home, ns lifestyle were suitable for a podenco. Test passed! Then the donation and then the long wait until May 21, alleviated by videos of the legendary Adriano leading Jasmine and Perla .

There is more to the Jasmines story which we will post next week .