Gofio is doing well

Young Gofio is a funny little man, barking at you in the kennel and wagging his tail at the same time. He was always a nervous dog in the kennels, and he never showed his true personality.

Johanna , one of our staff , decided to give him a chance and take him into foster care in her home. It hasn’t been easy , he didn’t know what a home was, because he has never had one. But i think its safe to say that Gofio has landed well and truly on his paws.

He is more relaxed , has stopped trying to escape, and is just loving life. He gets on well with the other three dogs in the house, and is learning to trust people more.

We have many in the kennels whose true personality doesn’t shine through in a refuge situation. We know who they really are . Spending time with them and getting to know them before you consider adopting is always an available option at the refuge, and one that benefits dogs and humans alike.


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