India update

India now lives in the UK, and her proud owner has put her thoughts into words:

This is India, aka Indie-pod, a five-year-old Podenco. We adopted her about a month ago, and, considering her background, she has settled in really well.

We have two little boys, two other dogs, a tortoise and two birds (which, surprisingly, she doesn’t seem fussed with).

She took a little while to warm to my two dogs because they are small, and she just wasn’t used to small dogs! There were no real problems, though.

Because she has such a gentle nature, she was more wary. She is so affectionate and loving with children and adults, and, considering her size, is so delicate when she nuzzles, or tries to give dog-hugs.

India and I bonded as soon as we met, and she is often by my side. She is always just so pleased to see me.

In comparison with my other two dogs, she is a joy on the lead. When I take her out she is very inquisitive, but never aggressive. She loves going to the woods and beach, and is a real treasure.


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