Italy, vulcanas story

Recently we published a post about adopting Podenco’s. We work closely with Loredana the president of Podencos for life, where Volcana was originally advertised. This is what Vulcana’s  owner, in Italy , wrote about her.

Vulcana has finally learned to trust again after her odyssey from Tenerife to Milan outside Basileia., She is very confident and very happy and loving.
I saw her November 2021 video on the Internet – by accident – and was so shocked because it was the spitting image of a dog I had many years ago in Texas, USA. A ghost!!! Still heartbroken after losing my 13-year-old dog in the summer of 2021, I was exploring the internet. I have never known galgos or podencos before. I was looking for a Borsoi. Somehow I got into a French bailout page, FBM, with the Galgos song. My heart was bleeding! These poor galgos. Living in Europe now since 1994, I have traveled extensively and seen the sugary sides of Europe – but I never imagined that hunters could be so cruel to their dogs !!! so cruel to their faithful helpers!
The search for a black Galga led me to a save page for podencos, Mrs. Loredana Carlotta Fuse.
Loredana was very professional on the phone, very helpful, kind and understanding. She put me in contact with Simone Rossomano who had just adopted little Iris. I fell in love with Iris, a gorgeous Podenca, she grew up, grew up and grew up so I went to a dog school with her and became friends with her family, I was allowed to keep her on a few weekends. I love this Podenca Iris, she is so special. Her mother is Luna, her father is the beautiful Miguel.
When I was finally allowed to take Volcana on June 21, 2022, it was love at first sight. Ms. Alessandra who speaks very good English, she is a super psychologist – not only for dogs but also for people, she gave us a lot of great advice, she always answered my questions right away!

After only two weeks of love and patience for a whole day, Vulcana got to know our house with all the entrances and exits, our offices and stairs (a novelty for her, she danced up and down like a dancer!)! … her favorite place was and is the kitchen! She quickly made friends with the neighbors and their pets – she learned so quickly to travel in the car, to tour with us, to sit in cafes and restaurants, she acts as if she has always been. with us here! – – – Someone must have spoken to her in Spanish very lovingly. When I say “canina linda” she will give me kisses and hugs …. kisses, kisses. She will become very anxious, even panicked, when she hears and sees loud, noisy children and teenagers. I believe she was hurt by them. We are working on this behavior.
The same with the elderly with walking sticks. She wants to attack them. We are also working on this.
Maybe she wants to protect me from them ?! Vulcana has an excellent character, she will share food with other dogs !!! She is friendly to any other dog and likes her neighbor’s big cat (not mutual!).
I just wanted to thank all of you for taking such good care of her before adopting her. It was a wonderful feeling to know that so many people were passionate and gave her a way to have a positive result. …… Loredana Fuse’s Podenco Rescue is truly an extraordinary organization. His dense network and great support system with Simona Rossomano, Alessandra, Linda, Giusy, Mara Liga, Paola, Rossella – and many others – were there for my many questions day and night! !!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel welcome in a beautiful and large Loredana Carlotta Fuse family! Maybe in a year or less we will adopt a poor black Galga to have a warm home here, along with our beloved Vulcana and my cousin’s little white Yorkshire Terrier that Vulcana loves very much. This is truly a happy ending!