Jasmines story , part two .

In part one of Jasmines story, last week , we highlighted where she started at the refuge, to her journey to Italy. She has grown into the beautiful podenco we knew she would become. Thank you to her Family , and Podencos For Life , for giving her this chance of the life she truly deserves. Now the second part of her story .

Simone is writing:
Jasmine’s photos and that video with Sara singing and Jasmine listening while turning her head literally enchanted us… :)Jasmine is exactly the opposite of the dogs we’ve had to date, always male dogs and abandoned and picked up from the street who attached themselves viscerally to us from the first second we picked them up, so much so that we couldn’t even untie his leash to one even in dog parks because he would get mad at us because he felt the leash was an indispensable bond for which he was sure we wouldn’t run away : ) the last dog , the leash we almost never used because even on the street he was attached to us and was careful to always follow us . .:( we still miss him and still dream about him at night.Jasmine is still very young, only one year old but she is pretty good in the house, we expected worse. If you let her out and vent then at home she stays quiet and understands the “sacrificial” objects 🙂 that we give her to bite in order to train her teeth.During these four months with us she has been going to different places and different hotels in all parts of Italy (Sicily, Sardinia, Trentino, Bologna, Milan, Tuscany etc.) and she has always been very well behaved and making everyone love her also from the hotel .At the moment we are waiting for 15 months to spay her, I think after the operation she will calm down as some people have confirmed to me, because  I guess also because of the hormonal storms in her ,especially when she goes out . She is an amazing dog , running and playing, at the park she chooses all the dogs , one by one, and makes them run until they are exhausted , then moves on to the next one. She had a season at 9 months (the male dogs in the neighborhood howled the whole month..) and at the moment she just got over her phantom pregnancy…she had swollen udders, was digging huge holes and at home we would find her squatting with all my daughter’s toys around her in the kennel!!! She is a super instinctive dog, hunter, we can only take her in enclosed parks with high fence, if anyone is thinking of having a podenco as their first dog maybe better to get it a little later in age. Jasmine is getting more and more attached to us day by day, she is a boisterous and very playful dog, she keeps us entertained and laughing every day!!! Then she can have fun even on her own and in a very simple way, all she needs is a cork or a pine cone and she starts to grab it throw it in the air, bounce it with her butt, bounce it on the wall, and then catch it in her mouth.. in short a unique dance!!! even at the park if she is alone she starts running alone like a Jet doing slalom between the trees or she goes after lizards :).Let’s see how she grows ,at the moment she is also becoming protective of the house and the table where we eat , even with dogs she plays with. She attacked my father’s Swiss shepherd dog who is four times her size and chased him away! When we walk down the street Jasmine is a force of nature, they all turn around or she makes them turn around :), everyone stops us and compliments us, and ask about her breed. You just have to be careful that as soon as there are passersby with baggy clothes or scarves or fulars or long skirts it takes her an instant to grab them :)Definitely a unique experience to live intensely and next year when she is no longer a puppy I will update the description!!!