Josie’s incredible transformation! 

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a dog going from being a nervous wreck, to what we see in this video, filmed by our dog trainer, Adam.

He was confident that, from the day he started working with her in the refuge, he could help her.

When she first came to Live PAWS, she wouldn’t:

*Leave the corner of the kennel
*Look anyone in the eye
*Walk on the lead
*Move for treats

Progress was slow, but there were steps forward. Then Adam decided he would take her home with him, because being able to spend a lot of time with her would increase her confidence, and be more beneficial.

We had to muzzle her to get her into the car, not because she was aggressive, but she was so frightened – a big difference!

After five months of Adam and his own dogs working with her, the video shows that there is love, if you let it shine through.

Adam, what you have done for Josie is beyond amazing, and all we can do is shout our thanks from the rooftops, for saving this beautiful, happy girl.

She now has the opportunity of a permanent life away from the refuge, because you have given her the chance of being adopted! Thank you so much!

Josie is available for adoption, with aftercare and ongoing support from Adam, if needed.

Adam’s update: Josie has made incredible progress, and would now suit any home. She LOVES all dogs, and would prefer somewhere with an energetic or young dog. She is so beautiful.


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