Never give up, Bobs story .

When bob first came to us a few months ago, we quickly realised there was something seriously wrong. He would often fall over , and was unable to co-ordinate his limbs, a condition called ataxia. This was new to the refuge, so we investigated the cause. All the tests came back normal, a complete mystery. However our vets, who do have experience with this, said it’s likely to be caused by Parvovirus, probably as a young puppy. There is no cure, with conventional medicine, and nothing more could be done.

However , we heard about a vet in Costa del Silencio, Flor, who practices a different approach. Honestly , we were sceptical at first, but determined not to give up. Bob has had 4 treatments so far , plus various recommendations about diet and vitamins.

By the second treatment with accupunture, we noticed the difference in Bob, he continued to improve. His mental age is a little delayed , he still thinks he is a puppy , even that is improving. His limb co ordination is vastly improved, its more a rarity that he falls over now. He can go for walks and enjoys being out. Don’t be tricked by him , if he doesnt feel the need to go for a walk , he lies on his back with his legs in the air……..we are wise to this now.

Bob loved his therapist and his treatment, a live wire in the kennels, he lay quietly and received his acupuncture and massage.

We are looking for a special foster home for Bob, we are in no hurry , it has to be the right person. The refuge , as always, will fully support whoever he is fostered with.

If you would like more information, please contact  Mark (Dutch, English and German) on (+34) 652 29 78 53.