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Name: Orion
Age: 25/08/2017
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Breed:German Shepherd

History: Orion originally came to us from a family who couldn’t keep him, through no fault of his own , he ended up in the refuge.

About: Orion clearly loved his family and pined for them, he found it very difficult to settle.

Many German shepherds are one man dogs , living happily in a family, but they often attach to the Alpha. Orion likes to have a leader and he prefers to have someone in charge, firm but kind .

He takes a little while to trust , having been abandoned, but once he connects he is a friend for life. His new owner would need knowledge with these larger dogs. Orion is a lovely boy , who would lay down his life for his owner.

Orion has transformed  from a dog that wouldn’t eat or socialise, to a dog who does everything he should be doing …..enjoying his life.

If you want to meet this fantastic pet you can come to the shelter, for any other question you can contact us. For donations or promoting you can check our Donation page, if you are thinking in adoption please check Adoption & Foster Program page.

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