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Name: Oscuro
Age: 01/01/2017
Gender: Male
Size: Medium

History: Found in Las Chafiras with his brother.

About: There is little to choose between Oscuro and Atigrado, always together, and very similar in character .

Oscuro is not as sure of himself, unlike his brother. He is very obedient ,and walks off the lead , so it wouldn’t take long with a new owner to gain his trust.

Very cuddly, and faithful, he will be like your guardian dog. He stays with celine on his walks to the beach , always by her side. There is no problem with other dogs outside, or with people.

The dogs you see in the kennel situation is not who he is , he is completely different outside of the kennel.

When coming across people outside, bicycles,cars, he is absolutely fine, no fear. You call him , he comes. Obviously for a new person it would take a bit of time to do that, he trusts celine, but it would be really fast. He will give you everything he has to offer.

He loves going for walks with our volunteers, and the children love him. His beautiful nature shines through, whoever he is with.

He will make a lovely family dog. We would really like to see the brothers being adopted together, but they would be fine if rehomed separately.

If you want to meet this fantastic pet you can come to the shelter, for any other question you can contact us. For donations or promoting you can check our Donation page, if you are thinking in adoption please check Adoption & Foster Program page.

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