• Name:Archi
  • Age:3 years old (16/1/18)
  • Gender:Male
  • About:Archi is a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, who came to the refuge with his Cocker companion, Max. Their owner was no longer able to keep them, because of personal circumstances. Archi is a great character, and is super-confident with everyone he meets. We would really prefer Archi and Max to be rehomed together, because they are very close. Only one adoption fee will be charged, if these two wonderful dogs are offered a new, forever home, without them being separated. They really are good together, and are so well behaved. 
  • Size:Medium
  • Date Updated:12/07/2021

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Max and Archi, our two Cocker Spaniels, thoroughly enjoyed a pampering session with our dog groomer, Janie, at the Live Paws salon in Silencio.

They were beautifully behaved, and didn’t mind at all when they were bathed, hair dried and trimmed.

Dogs get really hot in very warm weather. By the happy looks on their faces, when they left the salon, they were delighted to have parted company with a lot of their thick coats.

Max and Archi are looking for their forever home – together, of course! Only one adoption fee will be charged.