• Name:Beethoven
  • Age:8 years old (18/12/12)
  • Gender:Male
  • About:Living in a home until his owner died, let down by people who promised to care for him and didn't . Beethoven is a real gentleman. Its hard not to fall in love with his hound dog looks. Harder still not to fall in love with his personality. He is currently being treated for a health issue which will soon be resolved. He is getting on in years and hopefully can find a loving home of his own. Great with people and other dogs. Likes a walk but not too far or too fast. Beethoven , because of his age , is also able to be fostered, with all expenses paid. Beethoven has heartworm worm and is being treated by Live PAWS. Part of our care was to place him in one of our volunteers homes for warmth and comfort. He has however got on so well with Frankie and Live PAWS rescue Arturo that our volunteer has decided that it shall be Beethoven's forever home. Beethoven is 8 years old so the worry of veterinary bills can cause concerns when rehoming older dogs. With the option of PERMANENT FOSTER CARE this is taken away as Live PAWS agrees to take care of extreme vet bills. This scheme allows our older family members to live out their days in comfort. We love that our gentle giant Beethoven has friends and a family that will now look after him to grow old comfortably
  • Size:Large
  • For Adoption / Adopted:Adopted
  • Date Updated:08/02/2021/