• Name:Diana
  • Age:8 DOB 06/03/2013
  • Gender:Female
  • About:Diana is an 8 year old, female Pitbull. She is great to walk, she absolutely loves cuddles, she loves DJ who she lives with in her kennel. She is most definitely an alpha female. We are looking a long term foster for her. This would mean she will be out of the kennels in a safe, secure environment to spend the rest of her days. It also means Live PAWS will cover vet bills if needed further down the line. She is overweight and needs walking daily which currently we can not do. If you are able to give this beautiful lady the security and love she so deserves contact us. Diana may be a year or two older but she's still a good guard dog and soon let's us know if anyone is around. Once she lets you in she's all love and kisses . She was diagnosed with epilepsy which is under control, and has been for some time , her daily medication is not expensive , and she doesn't mind taking it. Pop in and see her and you will understand why we all love her at live paws, but would be delighted to see her get the home she deserves . 🥰🥰 DIANA IN LONG TERM FOSTER 🥰🥰 It is with absolute joy that we can announce our old gorgeous girl and long term resident Diana has gone in to long term foster care. Diana has been with us 5 years and since DJ was adopted last year she has been in her kennel by herself and has since developed early stages of epilepsy. Janie has been crying since she found out! Mark was emotional when leading her out of the refuge! The magic entrance kennel strikes again, who is going in to it to be adopted next? 💛 Long term foster care means she has gone to a forever family but as an older dog we agree should there be any substantial vet bills Live PAWS will pay them. A BEAUTIFUL AMAZING DAY AT LIVE PAWS! We love you Diana 💛💙🐾
  • Size:Large
  • For Adoption / Adopted:Adopted
  • Date Updated:18/02/2021