• Name:Nelly
  • Age:Approx 11 months old (Jan 2021)
  • Gender:Female
  • About:Nelly is a Pitbull-cross. Like so many at the refuge, she was found wandering the streets, and didn't have a microchip.  Another aptly-named dog, the size of her ears gives the game away, but they only add to her cuteness! She is very loving and easy going, good with people and other dogs, and loves her cuddles. She is well-behaved on the lead, and, because she is very young, she loves to be out exercising.  So, if you want to get fit, Nelly will be more than happy to go walking with you. Her easy-going, laid-back attitude is having a calming effect on her kennel mate, Bouncy Boy. She's an absolute sweetheart.
  • Size:Medium
  • Date Updated:24/05/2021

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