• Name: Shiva
  • Age:19 months [ 01/03/20]
  • Gender:Female
  • About:Shiva's previous owner was no longer able to look after her, so she joined us at Live PAWS, where she has settled in a kennel with brothers Oscuro and Atigrado. Recently, one of our vets removed her right eye, because she was suffering from glaucoma. This is where pressure builds up in the front of the eye, and, if left untreated, leads to irreversible damage. She is now eating well, and really enjoys playing with people and other dogs. She loves going for walks, and is very well behaved on the lead. Shiva is an absolute delight to be around. She sits for treats, jumps for attention and loves a cuddle. She really is a beautiful dog, and deserves the opportunty to start her life afresh, in a loving, forever home.
  • Size:Medium
  • Date Updated:17/10/21

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