• Name:Taro
  • Age:10 years (2011)
  • Gender:Male
  • About:Whenever a cruelty case arrives at the refuge, we are all affected, but Taro's story is truly heartbreaking. He was a therapy dog at a rehabilitation centre in Granadilla, and, after offering all his love and loyalty to those who were struggling, and giving their lives a purpose, he was cruelly discarded when deemed to be no longer useful. Having been kept in a confined space, and not exercised, he was rescued and brought to us at Live PAWS. After a visit to the vet, Taro has been diagnosed as having filaria (heartworm). We have bathed him with medicated shampoo, to help heal his wounds, and to alleviate the pain, where his ears were badly bitten by flies. At 10 years of age, all this old boy needs is an abundance of love, in return for all the devotion he has shown others. This is what he will receive, now he is safe with us at Live PAWS. For now, he will stay at this refuge, but, one day in the future, we hope to find a permanent foster home for this gorgeous boy. He is already starting to enjoy life again, which is lovely to see!
  • Size:Large
  • Date Updated:13/04/2021

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