Podenco world , Holland

Over the last few months we have published stories about Podencos . Written by their new families who explain the challenges and the joys of owning this particular breed.
Hunting season here in Tenerife is a difficult time for the refuge.
Many Podencos are found either lost , abandoned, hungry, in poor health and often pregnant. Most are not chipped, so to reunite them with their owners is impossible.
Despite animal shelters currently full to overflowing, we cannot turn our backs and leave these beautiful dogs to fend for themselves.
We are so grateful to Podenco World in Holland, who help us to find families abroad, giving these dogs a better life .
Sabine who lives on the island, helping not only us , but other shelters , works tirelessly to help them . She not only has her own work , but has to translate and collate all the information we send her , continuously updating Podenco World . When a home is found she does all the relevant paperwork and airport runs , arranging transportation boxes and flight chaperones .
In addition we have our wonderful volunteers who specialise in fostering Podencos, who ordinarily would not do well in a refuge situation. The work that Celine, Georgia and Adriano do is invaluable in helping these Podencos recover enough , ready for their new lives .

Pictured here are just a few of the Podencos, who Podenco World have given a chance to start their new life. Happy ,healthy and content dogs, so wonderful to see .

We are eternally grateful to you all , and thank you from the bottom of our hearts , for working so hard to help these wonderful dogs .