Podenco’s make great pets, India’s Story.

Podenco’s generally make wonderful pets . People often pass them by, not realising what lovely dogs these breeds are. They come in all shapes and sizes , often characterised the by their big ears! Of course , like most hunting dogs , small furry friends in a house, like cats, may be a concern, if we don’t know the dogs history. However this is not always the case , many Podenco’s live happily with cats, smaller dogs and other animals.

To highlight this , we asked a podenco owner who has a menagerie of animals, plus two young children , to write about her experience. India is a podenco , who lived in the refuge, she now lives in Cornwall in the uk , heres what her owner had to say .

India….well where do i start?

India is wonderful,  quirky , and a loving addition to our family. We adopted India aka “Skinny Bob” in lockdown, at a time where Live Paws , was inundated with dogs and had numerous Podencos to rehome.

Being very familiar with Live Paws , and  of their hard work and wonderful staff, we thought about how we could help out and we decided to adopt another dog, meaning we had 3 dogs in total.

At first, we were slightly dubious due to Podencos being hunting dogs , but were won over by their loving nature and interesting character.  India , settled in beautifully with my other animals and I have had no problems there at all. I have along with my 2 other dogs, a tortoise, who she found interesting for a day or so , but after that,  realised she was boring and of no interest. We also have 2 cockatiels, and she has never been bothered with these either. The children adore her and she adores them.

The only part of India that says hunter, is that she sometimes sniffs out a rabbits scent , and that’s as far as it goes, quite like any other dog .

India has been with us for a year and half now and has settled in beautifully, of course at first there were a few bumps in the road whilst she settled in.She is amazing with children; she isn’t keen on every dog , but is never aggressive towards them.

Podenco’s are very different to other dogs, but I love them for their individuality, they are clumsy and  most of the time laid back . India especially likes to lie around like a princess with her legs folded one over the other for most of the day. On the odd occasion she is cheeky, and a theft of food may happen , but other than this India is a dream, she is so placid and so very loving, what more could you ask for?

If you would like more information about Podenco’s please speak to our President Mark, who has a lot of experience with this breed. Mark (Dutch, English and German) on (+34) 652 29 78 53,


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