Podencos are so often ill used in Tenerife, many finding themselves in shelters just because they can’t hunt, or be a scout dog, or just got lost whilst out with a pack and nobody has bothered to find them. Although these guys are not always suitable in a home with small furry animals, they do have a hunting instinct after all , don’t overlook their many qualities. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are loyal, loving and playful. Each dog has its own unique character. They get on with people and children alike and are good with other dogs. Some may be big , but gentle souls all the same. Some we use as baby sitters for the old and nervous dogs, for is currently babysitting Beethoven. If you have never considered a podenco and are thinking of getting a dog, don’t pass them by, you will be more than surprised at the lovely nature of these dogs.


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