Ready for the next step, Barrio’s story

All dogs deserve a chance, and that includes Barrio. He came to us after an appeal from the general public to take him off the streets. Barrio was so scared of humans, he would shy away at the back of his kennel , hiding his face. It has taken over a year for our dog trainers to get him where he is today, he will come to the front of the kennel for treats , and now greets all the kennel staff . Still a little nervous of new people, he will hide in his kennel ,but he has come a long way. Barrio is not aggressive, and shares his kennel with two other dogs. Of course we know he is a challenge, because he will need time and patience to continue to move forward, but he is worth it. Out of a kennel environment we think he will blossom. We always see his true nature when he thinks nobody is looking, he relaxes. We don’t know Barrios history, all we do know is he deserves the time and love that the right home can offer him . Who ever is willing to take this step with Barrio , will have a best friend for life, someone he trusts .
If you would like to consider Barrio on trial , our dog trainers will support you ,as will the Live Paws team . For more information please contact Mark (Dutch, English, Spanish and German) on (+34) 652 29 78 53, or Mauricio (Spanish) on (+34) 642 09 53 11.