Relocating ? Options to take you pet with you.

What to do with a beloved pet ? is always a big question when relocating to another country. The stress of moving, as well as taking animals home, can feel a little daunting.
However there are options for taking your pets with you when relocating.

Currently , when a dog is adopted from Live Paws , and needs to go to the UK for example, we use Happy Tails. We have found them to be reliable, and all the animals, despite the three day journey , arrive safely and in good health . There is a standard rate for travel and they do all the paperwork , which is one less job to do. They also take animals to other countries. The vans are warm, air conditioned, and clean, with a tracker facility available.

Another option is flying your pet , although generally a little more expensive. Beware, new airline rules have now produced a list of dogs they will NOT fly. These are normally ‘snub nosed dogs ‘ like the French Bulldog, or any cross breeds. Its worth checking out the airline that you wish to fly with, to confirm exactly what the current situation is. Some airlines will allow small dogs to travel as hand luggage, the rest are in the hold, which has been especially adapted for travelling animals.

Alternatively, there are the ferries. Most have on board kennels , and out of high season, the prices are reasonable. The ferry is from santa cruz to mainland Spain, a drive then to catch the ferry to the Uk , or go via the channel tunnel. Other countries in Europe will be a drive to your destination. Obviously there is a choice of where you sail from and too. There are also decks where dogs can be walked, or spend time with their owners. Paperwork has changed for the uk , but vets in Tenerife are aware of this and can help fill out the necessary forms.

Fly/drive an option which allows less travelling time, for example an animal can fly to mainland Spain, collected at the airport , then travel by road. There are many dog friendly hotels or travel lodges, if you need a break in your journey.

There are other companies who drive the dogs over to Europe , if you are unable to accompany your pet on a ferry for example.

The options are there, and its worth considering the best option for your pet. Remember all pets travelling abroad will need a passport, microchip, and Rabies injection, at least 4 weeks prior to travel. This is standard, although some countries require additional vaccines or tests, again your vet will be able to advise you on the current requirements.