Relocating, taking more than one pet.

Relocation with more than one pet can be a little daunting. So we asked someone to tell us of their experience , and how they did it, here’s what they had to say :

My experience of the transport was first class. I sent 6 cats and 2 dogs all on the same shipment. I didn’t have to provide transportation carriers which if I’d had to buy for 8 animals would have been very expensive. Several weeks prior to transport i messaged photos of all the pet passports so Happy Tails could check the correct injections were done and correct dates. I didn’t need to get the 48 hour fit to fly vet stamp Happy Tails arranged for that at their own vets. The animals were picked up from a pet hotel by Happy Tails on the day we flew to England. They took them by van to Gran Canaria where they stayed overnight and the fit to fly document stamped. The animals flew to Madrid the next day and met by a transport company. They then drove them through Spain, France through the tunnel and then started the drop offs. We were given a link to an app where we could follow the vans progress and an expected eta for our drop off. We also received photos along the way as per above. We thought the whole process was easy, well organised and less than half the price of flying. The app to follow progress was particularly a fabulous asset. The animals were in good condition and even the cats were relaxed and not stressed when they arrived.