Meet Rosi

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Name: Rosi
Age: 01/01/2017
Gender: Female
Size: Medium

History: Rosie came to the refuge heavily pregnant. Soon after she gave birth to 7 healthy pups, all now adopted. She was a great mum, protecting and caring for her puppies, as mothers do.

About: Rosie appears very active in her kennel environment, especially on dog walking days. She will be seen going round and round , unable to contain her excitement.

Like all Podenco’s she can appear nervous in a kennel situation. This is short lived once she is out and about.

Once out for her walk , she quickly settles , and is easy on the lead, she is good with people, and other dogs, and likes nothing better than to explore her surroundings.

If you want to meet this fantastic pet you can come to the shelter, for any other question you can contact us. For donations or promoting you can check our Donation page, if you are thinking in adoption please check Adoption & Foster Program page.

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