Sometimes things don’t go to plan, Gofio’s story.

Gofio,one of our smaller dogs, we believe, was involved in a dog fight. Anyone involved in a refuge situation, will understand this happens occasionally. Unfortunately Gofio came of worse. He was admitted to Don Perro , where our wonderful vet Elena, saw him straight away , making sure he wasn’t in pain and sedated this anxious little guy . Xray’s confirmed his leg was broken. His wounds were stitched and he was transferred to Tony , a traumatologist in San Isidro . He operated the same day , putting in a pin and plate. Gofio’s care then continued in the clinic at the refuge, under the guidance of our vets . As the weeks went by , he gradually realised he could use his leg without pain . He is now back on all four paws , resident in a different kennel , he’s forgotten all about his Trauma. If you would to meet him come to the refuge , he will be waiting, he loves his walks now , and the more he uses his leg the better he will be .


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