Lisa was brought to the refuge, heavily pregnant. She went on to have nine healthy puppies, and made a wonderful job of nurturing them. She has a beautiful nature, and is really calm and affectionate. She however she doesn’t show who she really is in a kennel environment, she likes to be on guard. Outside […]


Adopted from a refuge in Adeje to be a companion for an older dog, the new owner decided he was to big and brought him to the shelter. There is something very special about this gorgeous boy. He may have a sticking-up ear, with a bit missing out of it, but that only adds to […]


Thor came to the refuge from a banana plantation with two other dogs, Noa and Lua. When Thor and his companions arrived from the plantation, they had fly bitten ears, and filaria . All neglected, living in poor , cramped conditions. His previous life is behind him now, and his filaria has been treated . […]