Travelling to Scotland. Cande’s story

Cande was a long term resident at Live Paws. She was happy enough, but her own home would be better, then fate intervened, and off to Bonny Scotland she went. Here’s her story , written by her new owners.

Cande 💙
Whilst on holiday, fate led us to Live Paws Shelter on one of their dog walking days, we walked a few beautiful dogs that day, but one I couldn’t stop thinking about, Cande. Her personality could light up a room, she made sure she grabbed my attention that day by showering me in kisses and affection, such a character (and a little bit of a menace). We left the shelter and I couldn’t stop thinking/crying about Cande, she had captured my heart. We spoke with Mark and returned to Live Paws to see Cande again, Mark explained all of her history and the process of bringing a dog overseas.

The decision was made, Cande was coming home to Scotland. Live paws organised everything for us, I can’t thank them enough. We could even track Cande’s journey on an app, I lost a whole nights sleep gazing at my phone, watching, as she got closer and closer to home.

Cande walked into our home in Scotland as though she had lived here forever, nothing phased her. We quickly discovered some of her favourite things are the beach, roast chicken dinners, getting tucked into a cosy blanket and squeaking her stuffed animals.

It’s now been three months and Cande is a dream, she has so much love to give to everyone and her relationship with her springer spaniel big sister is coming on leaps and bounds. She has made us laugh and smile every day. One of the best decisions we ever made was making her part of our family.