Lucky Laika

Lucky Laika!! Do you remember the post about Laika ?? The German shepherd who was thrown out of a moving car along with another dog who was never found. We asked for a long term foster carer, we knew it would be a big ask as she is a big dog. She has arthritis and heartworm, and is too old to be treated conventionally so she is receiving monthly treatment to keep everything under control. In the refuge she was on her own incase another dog whilst playing hurt her hips. So Laika was sad, having lived her life attached to a chain, we did find out her history, and now on her own in the refuge. A miracle has happened and a lovely lady has offered to be a foster carer for Laika. She now lives in Vilaflor, she has a lovely warm bed and her own home, she has regular short walks, and has clearly landed on her paws.