Uma’s day has come! 

It has only taken five years, but we can now say, officially, that Uma has finally been adopted.

Uma came to Live PAWS when she was a year old, and was always overlooked. She is a happy girl, who shared a kennel with her best friend, Guapo, until he was adopted last year.

She was then introduced to Atigrado and Oscuro, and found more freedom to play.

A week ago, Uma caught the eye of a German gentleman. He wanted a friend for his older female dog, on his finca.

Uma went on trial, and we received the feedback: “She makes a wonderful part of our team”.

Uma was officially adopted this morning, and tears were shed!

There is a suitable home for every dog we have at the refuge, and we will never, ever give up trying to find them!

Uma, our darling beautiful girl, you will be missed, but you really deserve this special day, and all the days ahead of you!


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