We’re so happy for you, Buster

Ivan, our dog trainer, took Buster into his home, only a week after his previous dog had died. Our President, Mark, asked him if he could take care of Buster, just for a few days.

He would need a quiet place to recuperate, after going through aggressive treatment for heartworm.

After a while, Buster went back to the refuge, before being fostered by Ivan. After months of showing him incredible patience and understanding, Ivan has now officially adopted him!

Initially, Buster was afraid of everything – cars, other dogs, wind etc., but then he started to be quiet and playful. Ivan worked with him endlessly, and now he walks off the lead, always staying close to his master.

“Buster is now part of the family, forever!” said a very proud Ivan.

We are all delighted that this very special boy has a wonderful life to look forward to.


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