What a brave boy! 

At Live PAWS, we see many sad cases of abandoned and mistreated dogs, but Flynn’s story is particularly heartbreaking.

He was pushed out of a van by his owner, onto the street, and left to fend for himself. As if that weren’t bad enough, he was hit by a car, several days later.

He suffered a disclocated hip, but, because of the generosity of our supporters, a total of over €1,000 was raised in a very short space of time, to pay for complicated surgery to put everything back in place.

He is now recuperating with one of our very experienced volunteers, in the comfort of her home, so he can rest quietly, until he is ready to be either fostered or adopted.

Flynn suffered a slight setback, when he managed to remove his bandage, but the vet has sorted this out. Many thanks to all of you who have donated and sent your good wishes. You make everything possible!