“Hound Dog 2”

We, at Live Arico PAWS can’t thank Leslie Elvis Moore enough, he arrived at the charity shop In San Eugenio with another large donation that he has been working so hard to raise, he has, to date raised an amazing 3057.43€ for the abandoned animals.

As you can imagine, cash is always short, as vet and feed bills are usually very high. Because of Les’s help, we can for the first time plan ahead and work to improve and enhance the environment for the dogs, many of whom have and will be with us for some time, (mainly due to age and large size).

A play area with things of interest to the dogs is being planned and some kind of water area, as the summer months can be hard on the dogs, they would love to be able to have a splash about.

We have already spent some of the money helping a smaller shelter secure their fencing, as sadly some hunters dogs broke in and killed and injured some animals.

Thank you all so much for continuing to be supportive to Les and Live Arico PAWS, your help will make such a positive difference to so many animals lives