My name is Zeus and I am a shiny and happy gentleman. If I had a surname it would be Cuddles, because that’s what I like best in this world, I prefer it to food!

I am amazingly well educated at home, always do my business outside my house and garden and I really behave inside. My fosters think I’m a gift!!

I am always in a good mood, and I really enjoy my walks. I get along very well with my furry girlfriend Bonnie at my foster family, although we are both a bit jealous of each other.

I really like all dogs but I’m sometimes a bit fast and may scare them, but I am always peaceful.

I like children a lot, they are great for extra strokes and attention. I stand very still so I don’t scare them.

Unsure about cats, I have never lived with them, but when they pass quickly, I sometimes bark at them. I think they like me. 🙂

Anyway, have a look at my pix and adopt me, coz I’m one of a kind, your best friend for ever!


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