Who we are

Live PAWS is a no-kill, non-profit organisation, based in the south of Tenerife. With our team of committed volunteers, loving foster carers and local veterinarians, we are dedicated to rescuing dogs left homeless, for whatever reason.

We have a dog shelter situated near Parque de la Reina, where the majority of our animals live, during their time with us. We work in partnership with other animal welfare groups, at home and abroad.


Our history

Our history started with the vision to create a safe haven for homeless dogs. Little by little each kennel was completed, three play parks added, an office, clinic, and food preparation room. As our numbers continued to grow, we later expanded to a further 8 kennels , on the opposite side of the main refuge. We are currently looking to expand further, as more animals are left homeless through no fault of their own.  Without the kindness of volunteers and supporters we could not achieve this. 

They need you

Our funds are raised by public donations, organisation membership, sponsoring a dog, charity shops, and fundraising events. We are totally reliant on public donations, which enable us to provide any necessary medical care, sterilization, microchipping, vaccinations, de-worming, de-flea , and necessary operations. 

Live PAWS is dedicated to improving the lives of dogs in our community. We take pride in the work we do, striving to keep homeless dogs safe, happy and sheltered.
To provide temporary shelter to stray, abandoned, and surrendered dogs for the purpose of finding permanent suitable new homes. To support a healthy pet community and responsible dog ownership.
We work with like minded organisations at home and abroad to promote animal welfare and raise sufficient funds to facilitate this.

Volunteers and supporters

The core of Live PAWS

Live Paws team

Kennel staff

Every day our team comes to care for our dogs needs. From cleaning their kennels, to feeding, and adding the daily dose of love and attention. We are grateful to have a team that loves animals and is committed to them, even on their days off!

Respect, dedication and love for animals are the keywords for this job, and our team are very committed to this. You can come to the shelter and be part of this great group, you will be very well received.


None of this would be possible without your help. Volunteering and supporting us is what keeps us going. We thank you all for your gift of time, helping in the shelter. Our dogs and team greatly appreciate your kindness.

Volunteering is the voice of the people in action, and your voice is important and needed by our furry friends.

If you are new and want to join the family you can take a look here or contact us.

Help us to help them

We rely solely on the generosity of our supporters. You are the people that help to keep us functioning, helping us to help them . Thank you.