Your help is crucial

If you want to help us continue this work and contribute to the welfare of dogs, you can do so through one of our donation methods. Thank you from all at Live Paws.

We do not receive aid from the government so our work depends solely on you, and the funds raised. We have received many donations over the years. What we have discovered is how big people’s hearts are, constantly helping our dogs. Thank you all.


We want to thank everyone who has helped us so far, allowing us to continue to improve. And a big thank you in anticipation to all the new people who will support us in the future.

Monthly sponsor

With a monthly sponsorship, you can contribute to the welfare of dogs in an important way. We depend solely on donations, and our monthly sponsorship system is one of the ways we can continue helping the dogs.

The donation can be whatever you can afford, it can really make a difference to our work.

To sign up for our monthly sponsorship system you can use the button below. Registration can be cancelled at any time from your PayPal account.

We will never stop thanking your support.

Tools and second
hand objects

We are constantly building and repairing our shelter. This means that all tools and items for maintenance, that can be used for this purpose are welcomed.

If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty you can join us with our projects.

Don't use it?

We also have charity shops , where donations are always welcome.
Opening hours
Contact us

Where is the shop?

Why not visit us either to buy or donate something you no longer need . If your unsure if your donation will be useful to us , please contact us and we will advise you .

Paypal donation

Feel free to donate any amount you can afford.

Dogs will thank you!


Bank name: Caixa Bank


IBAN: ES40 2100 7071 4322 0004 3610

Currency: euro

Thank you for your kindness.