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volunteers get involved
volunteers get involved

Dog walking

We all love a change of scenery, and that includes our dogs too. They love to get out and go for a walk. Although they have a large play area, the dogs adore meeting new people, and taking their new human friends for walks outside.

Everyone is welcome, but children must be accompanied by an adult. 

If you are new to dog walking , It’s always advisable to wear sensible shoes or trainers, and a hat. Make sure you have water to drink, although soft drinks are available at the refuge for a donation of 1 euro.  

Please also remember to walk at a safe distance from others , if the you are walking dogs who are not with their kennel mates.  

If you have any concerns about walking a dog who you feel may be too big for you to handle , please don’t hesitate to tell the kennel staff. We want you to enjoy the experience .

dogs walking

Come to take us for a walk!

Come along and make a new furry friend, and keep fit at the same time. Our dog walking times are between 9 am and 1 pm.

We can be found near Parque de la Reina, 38627, Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Flight Chaperon

We are always looking for animal-loving flight chaperones, who are ready to accompany a dog from Tenerife, to their new, forever homes in Holland, Italy, Germany , Mainland Spain, and other destinations. 

Let us stress that being a flight chaperone incurs NO cost to you for the animal. It’s a very simple process, and ALL the arrangements and costs for the dog are made, and paid for by us. 

A Live PAWS representative will meet you with the dog, just before check-in at  the airport, and will check in the dog at the same time as you check in your luggage. 

Depending on the size of the dog, it will fly in the air-conditioned hold of the aircraft, or, if you prefer, and it is small enough, in the cabin with you.

At the destination airport, you collect your luggage from the conveyor belt, and then the box and the dog from the bulky-luggage counter.  

A Live PAWS representative will be waiting in arrivals to greet you, and take the pet from you. It’s as simple as that!

Being a flight chaperone means the dogs can get to their new homes quicker, often if you are going at short notice we can arrange a corresponding flight. 

flight chaperons
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Cleaning & Helping Kennel Staff

Dogs need to live in a clean environment, and they need daily care, 7 days a week . No matter what the weather, we are there every day to make sure they get everything they need. They love their routine. 

Their kennnels need to be cleaned every day, medicine given if required, food and clean water. If you want to discover the joy of caring for them, come and visit us at the shelter.

Foster family

There are many reasons why we ask for foster carers.  Many requests for foster care are made because the dog is old and infirm, we know that the likelihood of adoption is slim, and we don’t want them to end their days in a shelter, however well they are treated.  We appreciate that some people may find it daunting that a dogs time is limited, but is it not better for them to know love and kindness in their own home? We think so.

Some dogs need to be in a quiet environment, usually following an operation. The  foster is on a temporary basis , and usually a few weeks in duration, after recovery they will return to the shelter.

There are animals that suffer from kennel stress, and simply do not do well in a shelter situation, often losing weight or becoming unwell. The time in foster can vary whilst we look for a permanent home, which may even be abroad. 

Waiting for flights, sometimes we have a flight but no chaperone, so  a request is made for foster care , especially when we are full, so we can free up space whilst we find a chaperone. 

Sometimes we have puppies who have no mother, and are alone, as we don’t mix litters until they are fully vaccinated, we ask for foster care. 

foster family
foster family

Bottle feeding, preferably by experienced people, or people willing to learn. This situation generally occurs when puppies have been abandoned, and can only feed from a bottle. Often they have been left outside the shelter or at a vets. Sadly some are found in bins.

Cruelty cases, these dogs need time , love  and security . They need to learn to trust again in a safe environment. This type of fostering is generally only with people who have the knowledge and time to recover the dog. 

Considering a foster dog, either temporary or permanent, is a decision that should not be taken lightly. There is full support available, 

and you are free to ask as many questions as you like, our aim is to match the right dog with the right person. Please be honest about your experience with dogs and the help you may need, so we can support you as well as the dog. 

All vets bills , vaccinations and worm treatment are provided. Food is also provided, but often foster carers prefer to buy their own, especially if they have other dogs at home. 

Fostering is a very rewarding , and the gift of your time and love, for these dogs,  is immeasurable. 

Hosting events

Have you ever thought about having fun and helping the dogs at the same time?

Hosting events is a great way to do this. But hosting is just a part of it, especially if you have the skills to make crafts or donate items for raffles. Every penny helps

If you want to host a fundraising event on behalf of Live Paws, please contact us with the details. Alternatively, if you would like to make crafts or donate items for raffles etc , we would be more than happy to receive them . We can use them at our organized events to raise funds.

helping us hosting events

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